Need Cash Fast?
Then Get A Loan!
  • Highest Payment for Gold
  • We Pay Cash For Gold
  • Free Parking in Rear of Building
  • We sell 10kt, 14kt 18kt & 24kt Gold

What if I can’t pay the loan off?

You may pay just the interest and handling charge. This will give you another 120 days. We do not accept part payments; however when you pay the interest and we re-write the loan for you, you may elect to pay off part of the loan at that time and we will re-write the new loan for the new amount. If you are out of town or cannot come in, you can have someone else pay the interest for you and we will give them a new pawn ticket for the new loan. It will be still made out in your name and you will either have to give someone written NOTARIZED authorization to pick up the loan or come in yourself.